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A production chain without secrets, reliable at every step. Discover below all the steps that guarantee you the best product and the utmost precision.

Selection and control of raw materials.

First of all, the raw material. Selecting and checking it is our priority.

We do it thanks to expert foreign partners with whom we have long collaborated, ensuring the suitability of the production chain from the outset. Moreover, if your business requires it, we can perform all the necessary tests ourselves for Made-in-Italy certification of steel.

We have science in-house.

Our in-house laboratory enables us to test and certify all the materials and processes, so that you can be certain you know exactly what you are buying.

Metrological check by sampling every batch.
Metallographic tests on request.
Dimensional control for all the materials on all the balls of each batch.
Made-in-Italy production and grinding.

Custom Made-in-Italy productions.

Custom balls, with non-standardised diameters, also available for batches of only a few pieces and always with a high degree of precision: all this is Made-in-Italy production and grinding. To provide it, we have established a perfectly-equipped department with the best instruments on the market, able to detect the smallest defects in the material and ensure precision never seen before.

This is how we meet the growing need for special applications that require a tracked and certified production chain from the source of the steel wire.

Ball bearings for transporting loads.

Balls transfer units.

Designed and produced here directly by us.

Ball bearings require particular precision since the refinement of the various parts reduces friction and, with it, the necessary force to move loads.

Our range includes supports with the larger balls from 12 to 90 mm, which can be made in various materials.

Everything revolves around quality.

Sorting machines

A special instrument with which we control every single ball before packing.

Innovative selection by means of eddy currents also detects the smallest defects inside the material.



The place where we perform the sample tests on outgoing products, in order to guarantee the utmost precision.

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