and quality

Quality takes us allFurther.

First and foremost, choosing quality every day is a promise that we make ourselves, because it enables us to become truly reliable partners.
It is a two-pronged process: on one hand, a highly-qualified team, on the other, an innovative instrument.

Total control. Period.

In-house metrological and metallographic laboratory, synonymous with control and precision.

Raw materials arrival


Laboratory available for sample studies, analyses on new products and materials, special requests or changes of supply.

Control of incoming raw materials from external suppliers.
Study and verification of new samples.
Approval and validation.
Any correction feedback.
Start of production

Mass production

Laboratory in support of production for the qualitative analyses of products already in the catalogue and on delivery batches.

Batch metrological control. + Metallographic control by sample.
On request, special processes and size grinding.

Batch metrological control.
+ Metallographic control by sample.
+ Special analysis assessments.

Automated size verification on all the balls of the batch.
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For a total of…
100 million
Balls selected every week
*Yes, that’s right. 100 millions. A week.
Batches tested every week
batches tested every week
Our certifications
Metallographic laboratory

A sophisticated and necessary service able to ensure at all times you receive our best material.

Implementing tests, analyses and issuing a test report
Checking for foreign bodies in the material
Checking the material’s microstructure
Implementing tests, analyses and issuing a test report
Checking decarburization layer and any breakages
Resistance to corrosion test (L’Oréal test)
Metrology laboratory

The metrological laboratory:
Beyond the first look.

This is where extremely sophisticated measuring systems and the dedication and expertise of our scientific team come together. In practice?

It is an in-house laboratory where the physical properties and size of the product are checked.

We do it thanks to expert foreign partners with whom we have long collaborated, ensuring the suitability of the production chain from the outset. Moreover, if your business requires it, we ourselves perform all the necessary tests for Made in Italy certification of Italian steel.

Measuring diameter
Visual check
Measuring roudness
Material check
Measuring roughness
Weight/density check
Measuring hardness
Profile projector
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is the most
Our approach is focused on the relationship because, without it, there wouldn't even be a product. We are here for those looking for an all-round partner, able to provide consultancy and identify with you the most suitable product and application.
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