We certify every detail.

A well done job is just the beginning.
An important goal we have set ourselves is guaranteeing the safety of the balls in specific fields of application, such as the suitability for contact with foodstuffs, the suitability of the cosmetic packaging, the suitability for pharmaceutical formulations and many others.

Your needs at the centre

We also perform calibrated tests on the precise specifications provided by the client.

We verify the absence of certain categories of chemical substances, that is, tests to analyse the chemical composition of materials like glass, ceramics, rubber and polymers.

In addition to all this, we conduct measurements on request, including tests of mechanical resistance, crushing load resistance and compatibility in long-term applications.

Our idea of quality

For items, the obligation applies to inform the recipient if there are substances of high concern (SVHC, listed in the candidate list and constantly updated) in quantities greater than 0.1% of the weight of the substance/article: every manufacturer and importer of articles is obliged to follow these updates in order to meet its obligations. Mandatory European regulations.

For articles intended for electrical products, the ROHS regulation applies, which requires various declarations, including in other fields of application.

We perform various tests to check for any release of a series of substances on contact with simulants; the purpose of the latter is to simulate the various types of nutrients (for example, acid, mass fat compound, aqueous) and check that the release limits laid down by the Italian, European and American regulations are not exceeded.

We perform multiple screenings that check that the ball cannot release substances prohibited by the cosmetic regulations. The end client will perform the final tests regarding the ball and the finished cosmetic formulation.

We are engaged in the certifications of the future.

Prospective bio-based and biodegradable tests on recycled raw material.

We work with a broad perspective that takes account of the needs that are already coming on the market and that are destined to have ever greater importance: we are talking about requests for bio-based and biodegradable materials or from recycled raw material.


Our aim is to enrich the catalogue with new offers, including products in PLA, a material that is both biodegradable and derived from a plant base.

Or samples of classic polymers obtained from renewable or recycled sources, including plant-origin PA, a polyamide that is particularly resistant to wear and tear and friction.

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