Production and distribution of precision balls, precision rollers and ball transfer units

RGPBALLS has been improving its know-how for 50 years. Thanks to our ongoing professionalism, we quickly became one of the major European companies in the production, marketing and distribution of precision balls, rollers, bearing balls, ball transfer units and different components for linear motion.

Are you looking for a qualified producer of precision balls? Here we are!

RGPBALLS: we produce precision balls of any material

We offer a quick solution to any industrial problem. Our warehouses have more than 4,000 tons of stocked products. Steel, plastic, ceramic and glass balls: we exploit the technical properties of each material to offer the following items according to your final application:and many more.

You will find all the technical features of our products in our detailed data sheets.

And what about quality? We scrupulously respect every single norm of international production. We are certified to: ISO 9001: 2015 - ISO 14001: 2015 - ISO 45001: 2018.

All supplies made by Rgpballs Srl are exclusively ruled by the following general Conditions of Sale. Any clause or condition eventually established by the buyer will be void if in contrast with the following conditions, and if not expressly signed by Rgpballs Srl. For any unregulated eventuality, reference is made to the regulations of the Italian law, even for goods sold abroad.