Hardened stainless steel balls

stainless steel balls

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel which consists of around 89 percent steel, and 11 percent chromium. The material was developed to handle conventional steel issues with corrosion, and delivers much greater resistance to both rust and staining.

It is commonly used in manufacturing cutlery, can be used as a large-scale cladding for buildings, and is often used to make medical tools, where avoiding rust and keeping implements clean is a high priority.

Hardened and Non-Hardened Stainless Steel Balls

Our stainless steel balls come in two varieties: hardened, and non-hardened. Each variety has its own properties and applications, making it essential to pick the right one for your specific needs.

Hardened stainless steel balls are generally made using Martensitic processes, which adds carbon to the material and makes it tougher and harder wearing. They are also usually provided in a passivated condition, which adds an extra micro-coating to make them even more durable.

These hardened balls tend to be used as industrial bearings, in specialist pumps, pens, cigarette lighters, and other situations where friction is involved.

Non-hardened stainless steel balls tend to be made via Austenitic processes, which add nickel or copper to the material. These materials are often more workable than hardened versions, but have less corrosion resistance, and they are commonly found in electronic components.

They also come in Carpenter varieties, with excellent resistance to sulphuric acid, as well as Nitronic versions that are resistant to magnetization.

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