Aluminium balls for industry

aluminium balls

Aluminium balls are characterized by good corrosion resistance and hard-wearing properties, and also come with smooth surface finishes.

They can be used for special bearings and valves, incorporated into safety devices in the automotive and electric industries or used in welding processes, and also have a range of applications in the aviatian and aerospace sector.

Customers should be aware that all aluminium alloy balls are susceptible to pitting and cracking in chloride-rich environments.

A range of aluminium balls for industrial purposes

Our aluminium sphere models come in seven different series. For example, the basic class (1xxx) simply has good wear and corrosion resistance, and come with a minimum aluminium content of 99%. However, they are also aluminium alloys, so traces of iron, magnesium, silicon, and copper will be present.

Series 2xxx balls have lower corrosion resistance due to increased copper content, but have better mechanical properties. Series 5xxx balls are easy to work. while 7xxx aluminium balls have the finest mechanical characteristics.

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