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Steel balls for bearings are generally made from chrome steel. High precision low noise AISI 52100 chrome steel balls are a good example and they are used in situations where reduced noise levels and tolerance are required. Many steel balls for bearings such as AISI 52100 100 Cr6 have a hardness of between 60 - 66 and ultimate compressive strength of 2500 - 2600 although 100CrMn6 chrome steel balls are a good alternative when a higher core strength is required.

steel balls for bearings


Low alloy martensitic chrome steel or AISI 52100 steel balls for bearings are valued for their hardness, resistance to wear and surface finishing. Common applications include precision bearings and automotive components such as brakes, line shaft and steering mechanisms. Other uses include machine tools, rollerball and ballpoint pens, cosmetics, furniture and appliance castors and precision measuring instruments. They are available in a wide choice of diameters from 0.64 mm to 12mm. Large steel bearing balls such as those made from 100CrMn6 are used in projects like windmills and where large bearing diameters are a necessity.

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