Solid Stainless Steel Balls

Solid stainless balls can be either hardened or non-hardened depending on the required application. Businesses, commercial enterprises and manufacturers can choose to buy them from a wide range of non- hardened stainless steel balls wholesale ranging from AISI 204 CU to AISI 904 L or hardened solid stainless steel balls such as AISI 440 C. Stainless steel balls for wholesale also include specialized products like LESCALLOY BG 42 VIM-VAR BALLS® martensitic high-speed stainless steel balls.

solid stainless steel balls


Solid stainless steel balls are used in numerous applications. Steel balls for milling help to polish, grind or pulverise a diverse range of materials including grain, cement and minerals. Generally made from hardened stainless steel, steel balls for milling are available in a wide selection of sizes and hardnesses and are valued for their resistance to abrasion and wear. Martensitic hardened solid stainless steel balls display exceptional resistance to wear and have narrow dimensional tolerances. They are ideal for precision manufacturing and can be found in conveyor belts, rollerball pens and medical instruments. Unhardened alternatives such as AISI 430 or 430 F ferritic stainless steel balls might be found in nail varnish or heat exchangers.

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