Heavy duty ball transfer - extra resistance to stress

Heavy duty ball transfer units are the ideal solution when seamless movement is essential. Various versions are available including flange fixing units such as the SPM type which combines a tough steel body with balls made from AISI 52100 chrome steel and a flange made of rod and hardened steel for high load capacities and extra resistance to stress. Other heavy duty ball transfer options include those with housings made from zinc coated steel and supplied with large plastic balls. They are used for the handling of less durable surfaces such as glass or crystal, wood panels or painted or glazed sheets and the exclusion of a felt sealing system ensures that even light loads can be kept moving fluidly.

 heavy duty ball transfer unit


Heavy duty ball transfer units such as SBM super heavy duty versions with felt sealing systems are ideal for extra heavy loads. They are often used for airport cargo transfer tables and to convey heavy equipment or components on industrial assembly lines.


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