Ball transfer bearings with or without flanges

Ball transfer bearings can be made of various materials including alloy steel and plastics such as polyoxymethylene (POM) or pressed polyvinyl chloride (PVC0. Alloyed steel bearings are the most widely used thanks to their hardness and durability and their resistance to stress, abrasion and corrosion. commonly comprised of a housing and cover cap, ball transfer bearings come in a comprehensive range of sizes and types - pressed metal sheet type transfer bearings with fixing holes, for example. They can be supplied with or without flanges according to the customer's requirements or made with an inner thread or with a threaded nut to suit various processes and applications.

 ball transfer bearings


Ball transfer bearings are often used to facilitate the smooth, multi-directional movement of individual items or light, medium and heavy loads. For example, heavy-duty SPM and SPM CX type bearings are used as components in air cargo deposit and handling units. These durable components are also used in assembly lines and glass production tables.

All ball tranfer bearings

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