MADE IN ITALY production of high quality ball transfer units

RGPBALLS ball transfer units are multidirectional systems for the linear handling of loads. They consist of a large ball that rolls on a defined quantity of small diameter balls, all enclosed in a hemispherical seat. Thanks to the care with which the various components are processed, friction is particularly low, thus allowing the strength required to move the loads to be significantly reduced. The production range starts with a main ball of 8 mm diameter up to a maximum of 90 mm, which can be made of different types of materials such as steel, stainless steel, pressed metal sheet and plastic materials. Among the versions made, different types of coatings are also available, which are useful to preserve oxidation resistance over time. Even the balls used can be chosen from different types of materials according to the final application. All components can be assembled in different materials, to meet any specific final use.