Carbon steel balls

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Carbon steel balls are made from a combination of steel and carbon, with carbon present in concentrations lower than 0.093%. The carbon acts as a hardening agent, providing additional strength, at a lower cost than alternative hardening techniques.

They can be used in anything from furniture castors to sliding rails, polishing and milling machines, peening processes, and welding appliances, depending on the type of carbon steel balls you choose.


Precision carbon steel balls for industry

Our carbon steel balls come in four varieties: low carbon steel cemented, low soft unhardened carbon steel, low carbon steel, and high carbon balls. Each variety has its own properties, so choose one that matches your requirements.

For instance, our carbon steel balls suppliers can provide low carbon varieties with a hardened case which are ideal for using in items of furniture. Our low carbon options are also perfect for peening applications. Have a look and find the perfect type for your needs.

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