Precision Steel balls

precision steel balls

If you need precision steel balls, RGPballs company has a wide range of options for customer to choose.

Steel balls are a popular choice for use as industrial ball bearings, in automotive engines and valves, machine tools, couplings, and a host of other applications.

We offer a selection of:

  • chrome steel
  • low carbon steel cemented balls
  • low soft unhardened carbon
  • standard low carbon steel balls
  • high carbon balls
  • austenitic stainless steel balls
  • ferritic balls
  • ti-infused balls
  • carpenter balls
  • and super duplex steel balls.

Whatever type of high precision steel balls you require, we can produce and process them to exact specifications. Just select a type and make a request.

High precision steel balls for every industrial challenge

Our selection of steel balls spans a wide range of different materials. Being perfectly spherical, as stainless steel ball manufacturers we give them varying properties to suit different needs.

For example, Austenitic varieties have greater corrosion resistance and can be more easily formed thanks to the presence of concentrations of chromium and nickel. Ferritic steel balls are resistant to cracking and are extremely ductile, making them especially suitable for use in automotive settings.

Nitronic precision steel balls are often favored in the aerospace industry due to their resistance to galling, and Martensitic balls are heat treated to give them exceptional strength.

We also offer a range of grades of steel, such as AISI 52100 or 100CrMn6. So pick the material and grade that meets your needs precisely.

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