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tungsten carbide balls

Tungsten carbide has a high strength level, especially for a material that is three times as rigid as steel, and 4-5 times as rigid as iron. It resists deformation well, has good impact resistance, and can handle extremely low and high temperatures easily.

These properties make tungsten carbide ball products a popular option for situations where traditional steel has failed. Our tungsten carbide ball bearings will therefore suit any situations where high temperatures and stresses combine.

The material is made from a combination of tungsten and carbon (with the chemical formula: WC). However, cobalt and nickel may be added as a binder to enhance the balls' performance.

Special tungsten carbide ball options for industrial applications

At RGP Balls, we offer a wide range of tungsten carbide spheres for our customers to choose.

These include three models which employ a cobalt binder, one at K20 grade, another at K30 grade, and an extra-tough variety at TC K10 grade. All use virgin powder to ensure a flawless finish and the optimum thermal properties that customers require.

The other type of bearings that our tungsten carbide suppliers provide involve a nickel binder. These include both YN6 and YN9 grade varieties, which provide a slightly lower level of mechanical performance, yet outperform cobalt varieties in terms of corrosion resistance.

Pick the perfect type of tungsten carbide ball for your industrial needs. Our team will be happy to supply whatever you require.

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