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Bearings rollers are typically made of alloy steel such as AISI 52100 chrome steel or AISI 3014 or 316 stainless steel. They might also be made of other materials such as tungsten carbide, AISI 1203 aluminum oxide and Si3N4 silicon nitride. NRB and NRA type loose steel rollers are among the most widely used; they are available in diameters ranging from 1mm to 10mm with a diameter tolerance of +0/-10 μm. Minimum and maximum lengths are 5.8mm and 59.8mm respectively. Loose steel rollers can also be customized to suit the client's needs.

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Bearings rollers are valued for their strength and durability. They are stress-resistant and rollers made from hardened steel are ideal for use in environments where extreme temperatures are an issue. Their unique attributes make loose steel rollers one of the most commonly used components in fields such as aerospace and aeronautics, manufacturing and the automotive sector - where they are found in power steering mechanisms, steering columns and locking mechanisms. Bearings rollers are also used as parts in dozens of home and leisure products including furniture, pens and roller skates.

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