RGPBALLS SRL is pleased to present the new metallographic laboratory. In recent years the company has embarked on a process of qualitative development aimed at ensuring and improving market demands. The new service shall enable all our customers, when required, to perform microstructural checks and analyses of products such as balls and rollers. The purpose is to analyse and highlight impurities and/or inclusions deriving from the production processes which they has undergone.

In recent years, an innovation and improvement process has best started, which has involved every aspect of the production and supply chain. The metallographic laboratory is just the latest piece of a long series of operations aimed at making RGPBALLS SRL more competitive and efficient.


RGPBALLS s.r.L has an advanced laboratory available for the quality control of pre-production and mass production items. The characteristic parameters defined by international standards, as well as hardness, chemical composition and density, are measured. The checks are strictly carried out for each production batch.